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Words by Velosport

on 27/01/2020 15:11:12



The Ultimate City Bike

This really is the bike for London. Or any city for that matter. There are many “bikes that fold” on the market, but Brompton’s are the only true folding bike. Designed to be as compact as possible while still being agile, fast and easy to ride, this bike is a must have for anyone that needs to zip through busy city traffic, jump on a train an then zip through some more city traffic. All Bromptons are handmade in the UK out of premium steel which can take a pounding and keep on going.

Have it your way

One of the best things about a Brompton (other than the way they ride and fold) is that they are really customisable. You can choose your colour based on multiple options that Brompton offer. You can choose the amount of gears (1, 3 or 6). You can choose the type of handlebars you want, the tyres and accessories such as lights, mudguards and bags.

There are a couple of ways you can get your hands on a custom Brompton. You can come and see us instore and we can go through all the options with you to make sure you get exactly what you want, and at the same time you can have a go on our demo Brompton and see for yourself how well they ride and how easy they are to fold and unfold.

Another way would be to go to the Brompton  website, make an account and build you custom Brompton online. Once you are happy with your build, Brompton will issue you a code which you can send to us and we will place the order with Brompton. Which ever way you choose, you will be getting a truly unique bike.

Brompton - 280318-11    Brompton - 280318-13