Hunt Wheels

Words by Velosport

on 25/01/2020 12:44:30


Amazing performance. Amazing value

Hunt Bike Wheels specialise in wide rim, tubeless ready performance wheels. Fuelled with an ambition to produce High performance, hand built wheels, made from the best materials by people with years of experience in the industry.

Wide Rims

Hunt wheels tend to use wide rims for the wheels which are now becoming the standard for high end performance wheels. The benefits to wide rims are more stability and better cornering, making descending a safer and less scary prospect whether you are descending Box hill or Alpe D’huez.

Tubeless Ready

Once, tubeless was the domain of the mountain bike world, no longer. Tubeless tyres for road bikes are becoming more and more popular and all Hunt wheels come tubeless ready. The benefits of tubeless is that you can run at lower tyre pressures making for a more comfortable ride. The other benefit is that they are very puncture resistant. All Hunt wheels work just as well with traditional clincher tyres also.

Fast and smooth rolling

Hunt wheels use EZO stainless steel bearings that are super smooth and strong. Made in Japan by precision experts with over 50 years years experience.


Hunt wheels are very light for the price ranging from 1378 grams – 1979 grams.

For more information or to order some wheels in please come into store, email or contact us here.