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Velosport workshop

Your bike is in safe hands at Velosport. We operate a state of the art workshop with the latest tools and equipment. As keen cyclists ourselves, we know that every ride is that much more enjoyable when your bike is maintained in top form.

To request an appointment to have your bike serviced, use our online form, give us a ring or just drop by the shop. Our mechanics are always ready to help.

Please note that parts brought outside of the shop may be subject to additional labour charges.

Due to high demand and low storage space, we are asking all of our customers who have a service booked to bring their bike into store 24 hours prior to their service at the earliest (on the day of would be better). We ask all completed bikes to be picked up within 48 hours of completion (unless agreeed otherwise with a member of staff).

Free 6 week service

After the first few weeks of riding your new bike, it will go through what is known as a 'breaking in period'. During this time the gear and brake cables will start to stretch and you might find that the bike does not ride as smooth as it did on day one. For all new bikes brought fom us we offer a free 6 week service, where we will give your bike a full check and make sure it is running smoothly and safley.

To book your bike for its free 6 week service use the contact form here.

Crash assessment £40

For bikes that have been in an accident, we offer a crash assessment service. This service covers a full inspection of the bike, highlighting any noticeable damage and estimated cost of repair. The crash assessment report wil then be emailed to you.
Please note that we will not carry out any repairs at the time of conducting the crash assessment. Any work that needs to be carried out will need to be booked in with our mechanics unless otherwise specified. If your bike is made of carbon fibre, or has carbon fibre parts, we cannot guarentee the structural integrity of these parts and strongly recommend getting any carbon parts checked by a carbon repair expert.

Carbon repair
If you have acrbon bike that has been damaged or in crash, we work with a third party carbon repair workshop that can carry out health checks and repairs.

Estimated costs for carbon bokr repairs are as follows:
  • Labour costs for stripping the bike to the frame £160 (upfront cost).
  • carbon health check £180 (upfront cost).
  • Repair work will be invoiced on a case by case basis. Additional admin costs will apply.
Please note that the £180 health check and albour costs are non refundable if after the check the bike is deemed unrepairable.
All carbon work is carried out by a third party. Velosport is not liable for costs or compensation from work errors or delayed times.



Big ride coming up? Bike been in the shed for a while? A basic service will give you the peace of mind that everything’s working as intended. Our mechanics will let you know if a more in-depth service is advisable.

Book now
  • Gears and brakes checked for wear
  • Chain checked for wear and lubricated
  • Wheels and tyres checked for wear
  • Bolts checked for correct torque
  • Recommendations for future work
  • Servicing of suspension or hydraulic brakes not included



Our most popular service option – a general service is appropriate if your bike needs some attention but perhaps not such drastic work as a deluxe service would provide. We’ll always advise you before replacing any components.

Book now
  • Frame / forks wiped down and inspected
  • Drivetrain removed, cleaned, checked for wear and re-greased
  • Wheels trued (subject to type of wheel)
  • Hubs and rims inspected for wear
  • Tyres inflated and checked for wear
  • Gears set up
  • Chain lubricated
  • Brakes set up, pads checked for wear and replaced if necessary
  • All fastenings tightened
  • Bike test-ridden post service
  • Servicing of suspension or hydraulic brakes not included



Our deluxe service is a full strip-down and overhaul of your bike from top to bottom. We aim to restore it mechanically to how it worked when it was brand new. We’ll always advise you before replacing any components.

Book now
  • Bike stripped down to the bare frame
  • Frame/forks thoroughly cleaned and checked for damage and alignment
  • Threads checked, cleaned and greased
  • All groupset parts cleaned, inspected for damage and re-greased.
  • Components (e.g. chain, brake pads) checked and replaced if necessary
  • Wheels checked for rim wear and trued
  • Hubs disassembled and rebuilt with fresh grease and new bearings (if necessary)
  • Headset checked for wear, cleaned and rebuilt with fresh grease
  • Bike reassembled
  • Moving parts checked and adjusted
  • Cables replaced (if necessary)
  • Brakes and gears set up
  • Drivetrain lubricated
  • Bike test-ridden post service

Additional repairs

Drivetrain clean: £30

Groupset swap: £160

Chris King hub service: £45

Crash Assessment: £40

Wheel Build: £50

Headset service: £25

Gear service: £25

BB service: £30

Hub service (excludes Chris King): £25

Brake bleed per brake: £25

Wheel true: £20

Tubeless tyre fit: £20

Single brake service: £15

Single Gear service: £15

Fit Tube/tyre (excludes Bromptons): £10

Fit Brompton tube/tyre: £15

Hub Gear Bike Fit Tube/Tyre: £15

E bike Fit Tube/Tyre: £25

Bike Wash: £20

Fit Mudguards (full set): £25 (£35 with own mudguards)

Fit Rack: £10 (£20 with own rack)

Fit/Remove cassette: £10 (£20 with own cassette)

Fit Bartape: £10 (£20 with own tape)

Fit Chain: £15 (£25 with own chain)

If you need some work carrying out that is not on the list please get in touch and we will give you a personalised quote.

Please note that above prices are labour only and do not include parts.

Any parts and components brought outside of the shop will be subject to additional labour charges.

We always aim to get complete work on the day of booking unless parts need to be ordered or an unforseen issue occurs. Due to the size of our bike storage area we request that after servicing bikes are collected within two days. Please be aware that during busy periods there may be waiting times of up to 3-4 weeks.

Bikes left in the shop for extended periods of time may be subject to additonal storage charges.